Australian Bass Fishing


Bass Fishing in Australia

By Bob Ives

If you are looking for some fishing that sure to provide some heart stopping moments, bass fishing in Australia will definitely fill the bill. Bass are a lot of fun to catch because they put up such a good fight and they are a very smart fish. In fact, they can often outsmart even good anglers.

Not only are these fish very strong, but they can also come in vary big packages, ranging from a pound (1kg) or two all the way up to 9 (4kg) or 10 pounds. Trophy bass can even be caught a bit larger than that. And, donít be fooled; a two pound bass can give you a hefty fight. An 8 or 10 pounder can keep you smiling for years.

Australian bass are most often found in freshwater and brackish water and are mostly found in the southeastern portion of Australia in coastal rivers and streams along the Eastern seaboard from Tin Can Bay and the Mary River system in the southern central Queensland, south through New South Wales and to the Gippsland Lakes of eastern Victoria eastern Victoria. Thanks to stocking and good management systems, this is an ever increasing area.

Bass can be found around rocks, weed beds, water lily gardens, debris and fallen timber in running streams as well as still water pools. They tend to be more inclined towards hiding in cover in the daytime and clear water during the night. Try them sometime during a full moon!

Fishermen in Australia are able to catch them using most fishing methods, even those used for trout in other areas. Popular bass fishing methods include, floating lures and top water fishing, trolling and even fly fishing. Angling is done via wading, canoes, bank fishing or small boats and motors.

You might consider a bass to be knight in shining armor in the sense that it is covered with protective scales. These must be removed if you decide to dine on one. Their tales are usually dark, and the body colors differ slightly from fish to fish. Some have bright coppery-gold on the back and silvery belly, some have black on the back, with dark bronze or gold flanks and a creamy belly tinged with yellow, and some are a silver color all over with a silver/greenish upper back. All of them have big eyes, big lips and large mouths.

Bass are very good for eating. Try them fried, baked, broiled or grilled on foil. Again, be sure to get the scales off of them or you will not be happy with your meal. One good way to do this is to take the back of a knife and run it along the bass from tail to head. The scales will come flying off and you can then clean it as you would any other fish. An easier way is just to filet them and you wonít have to worry about the scales at all.

So, if you want a an experience that will get your adrenaline flowing, your heart pounding and challenge your skills against one of natureís fascinating predatory creatures, grab hold of your fishing gear and a couple of top water lures and head out for some freshwater bass fishing in Australia.



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