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Bass Fishing Hot Spots in Queensland

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Australia is home to all kinds of great fishing, everything from saltwater fishing for Barramundi to fly fishing in rivers for bream. One of the most popular types of fishing on the planet is bass fishing, and Australia is not to be outdone on this one, especially in Queensland, one of the best places down under for Australian bass fishing.

Lake Wivenhoe

Australian bass are stocked in Lake Wivenhoe, among many other species. The consensus by bass anglers is that Lake Wivenhoe is far and away the place to go for big bass in Queensland, with its closest competitors being Lake Somerset and Lake Glenbawn in New South Wales. The lake is massive and boating is not one of the high points here, so there are a lot of rarely covered waters that could afford the motivated bass fisherman some nice catches.

Lake Somerset Dam

Somerset Dam at Lake Somerset is one of the more popular and most heavily fished, and yet most productive Australian bass fishing locations in Queensland (QLD). Bass love good cover and Lake Somerset provides it with plenty of deep water, large flats areas, rocky points and standing timber. This body of water is very well stocked. Tributaries and feeder creeks of Lake Somerset include Kilcoy Creek, Stanley River, Sheepstation Creek, Neurum Creek, Mary Smokes Creek and Sandy Creek.

Lake Lenthall

Being another lake stocked with bass, Lake Lenthall has weed beds and beautiful water lilies that make good hiding spots for bass. This is a good lake for fishing crank baits (shallow diving) and even fly fishing for bass around the lilies and the edges. You’ll find Lake Lenthall 36kms west south-west of the city of Hervey Bay along the Bruce highway.

Lake Maroon

Lake Maroon in South East Queensland is a small body of water and it is not the perfect habitat for Australian bass, they are still there and if you enjoy fly fishing for bass, this would be a very good choice for you. Shallow diving lures are good at Maroon Dam and work well cast towards weed beds. Try surface lures at dusk and dawn, and plastic baits fished slowly during midday.

Lake Borumba

Borumba Dam at Borumba Lake, which is built across Yabba Creek, is not one of the more popular bass fishing hot spots in Queensland, but there are some very nice Austarlian bass here and a lot of them because they are stocked into the lake. This is also another good location to fly fish for bass and try your hand at some diving lures and even jigs and spinner baits. Bass will hit with a vengeance here, so be ready.

The Brisbane River

The Brisbane River, divided into Upper, Mid and Lower Brisbane River, holds bass that were bred in the Noosa River, then stocked into and have made their way from Lake Wivenhoe and Lake Somerse. Potential fishing holes along this river include College’s Crossing, Kookaburra Park, Karana Downs, and Tidal.
Note: Australian bass are also stocked at the Ewen Maddock Dam the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.



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